Corporate Governance

The Authentic Group of Companies is fully owned by its founders: U Aung Myo Hein and Daw Ni Ni Tin Tun who are the Managing Director and the Director respectively.
The Group was founded as a combination of the three companies as below.

No Company Name Registration Number Registration Date Link at MyCO
2 AUTHENTIC TRADING COMPANY LIMITED 108820292 17/07/2009  View Detail
3  AUTHENTIC PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITED 102088719 22/09/2011  View Detail

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the compliance of Authentic Group of Companies with the Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Government of Myanmar
  • Protecting Authentic Group of Companies’s financial and operational sustainability in short terms and long terms
  • Monitoring and Reviewing the efficiency of the products, services, projects, procedures, internal controls
  • Safeguarding Authentic Group of Companies’s reputation by making sure that the Group is conducting its business responsibly and ethically.

The chairman of the Board's responsibilities are broad, as he has to:

  • Chair the AGM,
  • Safeguard the core values of Authentic Group of Companies,
  • Review the implementation of Group's strategy by the management team,
  • Steer the company in a direction which will create value for the Company, its founders and stakeholders.

In 2021, the Board met 6 times. Each time, 3 major topics were discussed:

  • The risks, the products and services, the progresses and the efficiency of Authentic Group of Companies,
  • The Covid-19 and other related issues,
  • The financial sustainability of the company, which is its ability to sustain and grow its business.
    The topics includes new products and services, promotions of the key players in the Group, acquiring new talents and professionals etc.


Dr. Tun Than Tun
B.E (Civil)
MSc. (Water & Waste Water Engineering)
Loughborough University of Technology, UK
Ph.D (Water Resources & Development Engineering)
Head of Department (Retd;) YCDC 
Engineering Department  (Water and Sanitation) , YCDC
M.Eng.C (P.E) Reg; No. 0579 (Water Supply & Santination)

The Chairman is monitoring, reviewing all the strategies and implementations of the of Authentic Group of Companies and providing necessary advisory to fulfill short term and long term goals.


Board of Directors

U Aung Myo Hein
Managing Director
B.E ( Civil ), M.E ( Civil )
Licensed Contractor (YCDC) LC - 500
Licensed Contractor (MCDC) LC – 070

As a member of Board of Directors, Aung is always trying to ensure the Authentic Group of Companies is following the Rules and Regulations of Myanmar. Aung is also monitoring and reviewing the efficiency of Projects, Services and Internal Controls. Aung is also responsible to make sure the Authentic Group of Companies is performing all the related business operations very well, responsibly, ethically and environmental friendly.


Daw Ni Ni Tin Tun
B.E ( Civil ), M.E ( Civil )

Ni Ni is responsible to provide necessary supports to the Managing Directory. Ni Ni is also overseeing the Administration, Business Operation and Human Resources activities of the Group.


Project Director

U Aung Kyaw Swar Zan
Project Director
B.E (Civil), M.E (Civil)
M.Sc. (Offshore) Engineering, Singapore
M.Sc. (Civil) Engineering, Singapore

•    Carry out a review of work progress on a regular basis
•    Oversee and handle the negotiation of terms of agreements, drafting of contracts, and the acquisition of permits and licenses
•    Analyze, manage, and mitigate risks
•    Make sure that construction standards are of high quality and also ensure the use of proper construction techniques
•    Plan, as well as make decisions to prevent problems and any emerging ones
•    Coordinate and direct the activities of construction workers and subcontractors


Chief Engineer (Construction)

Daw Yin Yin Khaing
Chief Engineer (Construction)
B.E (Civil)
PE Reg; No.0555 (Construction)
ACPE Reg; No.0555 (Civil)
ASEAN ENG; (2018)

•    Communicating the goals of the company to all engineers and professional 
•    Supervising every phase of the project from start to completion
•    Calculating costs, material, labor, and time required for each project
•    Approving designs and budgets
•    Delegating tasks to engineering teams
•    Supervising staff training as well as equipment installation
•    Performing quality control checks on all systems and products
•    Quickly resolving disputes between staff
•    Acknowledging or rewarding good work
•    Analyzing data and drafting reports for review


Chief Engineer (Design)

Dr. Myo Aung
Chief Engineer (Design)
B.E (Civil)
M.E (Civil Structural)
Ph.D. (Civil)
P.E (Structural) Reg: No. 0785

Dr. Myo Aung is responsible for 

  • Preparing Structural Design and Method Statement for “Design and Build Projects” Implemented by Construction Branch of Authentic Group of Companies.
  • Going Site Investigation, Preparing Structural Design and Method Statement, Discussing Design Concept with Clients for Some Selected Structures Built by Using Newly Imported Construction Materials Imported by Trading Branch of Authentic Group of Companies.