According to the international trading company, we import and distribute Good Quality and Approved Products from the various countries all over the world such as USA, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and so on.

We are involving in the following fields of trading.

  • Cormix Construction Chemicals
  • MACCAFERRI Engineering a Better Solution

In order to pace the rapid development of the market, we not only supply the products but also take care of after sale services with our strong technical team for customers to be satis-  fied with the products we supplied.

Cormix Construction Chemical

  • The products of Cormix include a high range of specialist construction chemicals including waterproofing and concrete repair systems, polyurethane foams & resins, cementitious & epoxy grouts, concrete & shotcrete admixtures and swelling waterstops.
  • The wide product range available from cormix allows it to differentiate itself from many of its competitors.
  • The success of cormix products is demonstrated by the large number of successful business in both public and private sector projects including airports, railway systems, subways, dams, power plants, potable and waste water plants, tunnels, ports, highways, industrial structures and numerous buildings in which they have been used.

MACCAFERRI Engineering a Better Solution

  • Founded in 1879, Officine Maccaferri soon became a technical reference in the design and development of solutions for erosion control and retaining structures.
  • Since then, through technological innovation, geographical expansion and focussed diversification, Maccaferri now offers solutions at a global level for a wide range of civil and environment engineering applications.
  • Maccaferri has over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of geosynthetics, and nearly 140 years with its wrold renown traditional products. The knowledge and capability to easily combine these products and solutions enables Maccaferri to offer clients tailored solutions, optimising value and reducing project cost.

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